Women and Shopping

During one survey it was found that women spends more than 8 years in shopping.To avoid over shopping you should keep in mind to recall what options are available – such as when making a shopping list at home – uses mental resources that might otherwise be used to counter impulsive choices. Make all the choice so that any type of over spending of money will be avoided.

According to the researchers, when consumers decide what to purchase at the grocery store, the decision is “stimulus-based,” that is, it is based on what is directly in front of us. On the other hand, writing out a grocery list at home before going to the store to pick up the items requires “memory-based” decisions. The consumer must attempt to recall the items available at the store before planning out meals for the rest of the week.

The observed results are more positive or memory-based choices that are guided relatively more by feeling-based considerations, whereas stimulus-based choices are guided relatively more by cognitive or deliberation-based considerations.Interestingly, consumers who had to recall what items were available also opted for lower-priced items, while consumers who had the options in front of them chose higher priced goods with the expectation that a higher price meant better quality. So money management should be the basic rule for a women for doing shopping.