Steps To Qualify Local Business Listing In Any Index

When it comes to SEO; it is very important for a business to rank locally as more sales generated through local business only. Now-a-days people look online for their every basic need, local business listing service plays critical role to gain local ranking.

However in order to qualify for a business listing in any indexing website certain requirements need to be fulfilled, your business must meet the following criteria for this:

  • You must have a DBA or an accurate business name

  • It is necessary that you have local phone number with respect to the city of location as toll free, standard phone numbers won’t work in local listing.

  • Similarly in case with Address you must have a local address, virtual or shared address will not match the criteria.

  • You must ensure to add genuine info only as you might have face to face contact with the customer.

So get ready with the above criteria to make sure your business get approved.